About Chinatown Festivals

Chinatown Festivals aims to enliven the Chinatown precinct while creating an inclusive community by fostering a strong bond of togetherness among the community, new citizens, other ethnic groups and tourists. Besides being able to appreciate and preserve traditional Chinese customs and heritage, the Chinese festivals celebrations in Chinatown aim to promote the rich traditions and spread the festive cheer to all.

  1. To promote, preserve and showcase Chinese traditions, heritage and culture
  2. Raise public awareness of our Chinese festivals
  3. Create a multi-sensory celebration unique to Chinatown
  4. To reach out to all races and nationals on the uniqueness of Chinatown and the celebrations of Chinese Festivals that is always refreshing and meaningful in its own unique way
  5. Organize exciting and entertaining activities suitable for all ages
  6. Improve business activities in Chinatown
  7. Establish win-win partnerships with supporters, sponsors and partners
  8. To promote Chinatown and the annual Chinese

About Kreta Ayer –
Kim Seng Citizens’
Consultative Committee

Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng Citizens’ Consultative Committee plans, leads and coordinates community activities for the Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng Constituency. It channels the needs and problems of the residents to the Government and keeps them informed of the government’s actions and policies. It also raises funds for welfare aid to the needy, bursaries and scholarships for deserving students and other community projects