Adopt a Lantern

Saving GAIA

Since the launch of “Adopt a Lantern” by Chinatown Festivals Organising Committee in 2014, there has been a steady increase in the adoption of lanterns by the general public  in support of recycling and being environmental friendly.

For this year Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebrations, “Adopt a Lantern” campaign is once again available for the general public to adopt one or more lanterns after the Street light-up ended on 12 March 2021. Adoption is FREE but interested party will have to submit an online application, arrange their own transport and manpower to collect their adopted lanterns upon receipt on notification of successful application from the Organiser.

Application will be on a first come first serve basis. The Organiser reserves the right to review the application and distribute the lanterns based on applicant’s requirements and its purpose to adopt the recycled lanterns.

We regret that only successful application will be notified.

Starting Date of Application: 22 February 2021

Closing Date of Application: 28 February 2021

Date of Notification on Successful Application: 5 March 2021

Date of Collection for Adopted Lanterns: Mid March 2021

Our  appointed contractor will contact the successful applicants to arrange for the collection of lanterns. Please arrange your own transport and manpower to collect the lanterns.

For any enquiry, please email

Application Form
*Application Form with missing detail will be considered void.